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Links IS a scam.

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Author: lie4ik Subject: IS a scam.
Junior Member

Posts: 10
Registered: 09-12-2007

posted on 03-09-2009 at 09:13 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator IS a scam.

I am not going to rant and accuse. I am going to explain to you exactly how they do it and why you should never use this agency.

By now, everyone (OK, maybe only 75% of all men) knows that ( and is the biggest scam agency in the world, Well, is EXACTLY the same. It is not clear if they stole the model of, or if they made a deal, but when you look at the sites, it is obvious that they are made of the same cloth.

More proof if this is their affiliate program. has an affiliate program with the same exact system as MORE proof of this is their names... - -

Also, they both have created fake anti-scam sites to discredit real anti-scam sites... – belongs to – belongs to dream-marriage,com

It is funny that they call real anti-scam sites a scam or unethical, but in making their fake anti-scam sites, they are libeling and attacking their competition; the most unethical practice of all.

Lastly, both companies have excellent SEO and PR skills to make themselves look very professional and legit. They attack competitors, anti-scam sites and you can find there marketing tools all over the net. This is called smoke and mirrors. They hide the truth with BS to make themselves look wonderful. has stolen (or paid to have) the EXACT same scam model as And if you google their name, you will find many reports of this.

How is it done?

It is easier to answer, “How are they not in prison?”

Answer? The bosses in the USA do nothing but collect money. This way, they are free of the law and not guilty of 'direct' fraud. What happens is the local Ukrainian or Russian office pays girls to writes letters. Every letter sent or received is paid for. So, the more letters opened, means more money for both the USA bosses and the local office. So, the office staff is free to write letters, posing as a real girl, and nobody is the wiser.

You can also find reports from girls that were hired to write letters. Some were not paid and could not do anything about it because the agency holds their personal info and makes a profile of this girl. They keep the profiles after the girl leaves or is fired. AND, some girls actually feel bad about this and meet a nice guy and tell him about what really happens. (You can also find these facts on the net.)

Proof? There is a guy on the net that has ALL the proof. You may not like him, but he has the proof.

Bottom line – is a scam. They learned from the masters and didn't even mix it up to stay under the radar.
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