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Is a scam? YES!

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Author: lie4ik Subject: Is a scam? YES!
Junior Member

Posts: 10
Registered: 09-12-2007

posted on 04-24-2009 at 08:49 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Is a scam? YES!

Here is a recent letter exchange between Jim at and I...this is just a little more proof that is a scam just like

From: "Agency Scams" Add sender to ContactsTo: "tired surfer" had a lawyer contact my host and whine and cry. So,
because of internet crap, I had to remove from my
site. So, what I did was change it to It is
still for, but with this name, I stay out of

I have received hundreds of letters regarding Most
guys have the same scam story that follows, they join
and receive 60 letters the first day, and about 300 over the next week.
How is this not a sure sign of a scam ?

Other guys were writing girls and wanted to visit the girl and she
suddenly disappears.

Other guys go to visit the girl and they either disappear or the girl
has no idea who he is.

MANY guys get letters from girls that they are already talking to on
other sites.

and some guys have had girls confess to them that they get paid to
write letters. Some of these girls are just being nice. Some girls like
the guys and want to get away from the agency because they see all the
scamming that happens first-hand. is a HUGE scam. They are rivaling
I don't know how these places stay in business with so much knowledge
these days.

Best of Luck,

DREAM-MARRIAGE.COM is a HUGE scam! They made AGENCYSCAMS.NET to discredit
me. They copied's style step by step.
JIM'S Original Anti-Scam Site -
JIM'S Agency Checklist Site -

> Hey Jim
> I have 2 questions.
> Why are you making so many changes to the pages?
> Can you give me some specifics on how other men were scammed at
> Thanks.
> Lie4ik
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Is a scam? YES!


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