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Author: CSnetwork Subject: Tahirih Justice Center protects sex trade industry.

Posts: 1
Registered: 12-13-2006

posted on 12-13-2006 at 10:36 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Tahirih Justice Center protects sex trade industry.

Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Cantwell's shuts down Christen Singles
Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Cantwell's legislation has shuts down Christen Singles While they puts in exceptions to protect the sex trade industry and sites like adult friend finder.

Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Cantwell's legislation would give sever penalties for letting Christen singles who are looking for marriage. At the same time there law also gives the green light to the exportation of millions of women, the international sex trade and abuse women.

The penalties under Tahirih Justice Center Legislation calls for 5 years in prison for letting a USA citizens communicate with Christen Singles out side the USA. Under her legislation we would get over 50,000 years in prison and $1.5 Billion on fines per day for just having a chat room for Christen Singles out side the USA.

But Tahirih Justice Center put in clause to protect Adult Friend Finder, A site that requires foreign women to pose naked. A site with over 10 million foreign women.

Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Cantwell's Legislation labels all women who place their information a dating site as Mail Order Bride.

We strong urge our 32,146 Washington state members not re-elect such a women back to the Senator Cantwell and we urge everyone not make any donation to Tahirih Justice Center, an extremist group.

Tahirih Justice Center also leaves millions of women subject to abuse in the own countries, where abuse is tolerated and the government does nothing to stop it.
Tahirih Justice Center would rather see these women abused in there own country then have a chance to find real happiness. These femi-natzies will cause more deaths to innocent women then the will every help.
They do all this while protect the sex trade industry, Instead of putting there effort into stopping the real problems they worry about people falling in love and finding happiness.

President Bush shame on you for singing such a ridiculous Bill And shame on Tahirih Justice Center for defending such a Law
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