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Author: admin Subject: avoid being scammed is simple
Senior Member

Posts: 142
Registered: 10-16-2002

posted on 12-07-2007 at 20:57 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
avoid being scammed is simple

Avoiding scams is easy; just never ever send any money no matter what.
All scams involve money, If they can get money from you, you cannot get scammed.
Go and meet the women, don’t send money for airline tickets. 90% of the women are great and very sincere. It is just that 10% you have to watch out for they will be very aggressive and flashy.
View User's Profile E-Mail User User's Site View All Replies By ken (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 1
Registered: 10-19-2008

posted on 10-19-2008 at 11:57 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
How to recognize a Russian dating scammer:

Here is a good article, how to avoid Russian dating scammers. I hope it will be helpful.

How to recognize a Russian dating scammer:

1.) The girl doesn’t want to speak to you on the phone or she is not happy when you phone her. It is important. She is not really interested in you. Don’t believe that she has no time. If a girl really wants to marry a foreign man, she will be happy to speak to him on the phone sometimes.

2.) Be attentive in order to notice lack of coincidence in her letters.For example, if she tells you she likes something and then later she tells the opposite.

3.) She doesn’t remember what you have already discussed with her. It means that she writes to a lot of men and she is not very interested in your correspondence.

4.) There is a very big difference in the age. Probably my words will disappointed you :). I understand your desire to marry a young girl. But if, for example, your are sixty and she is twenty, you haven’t many chances to marry her.

5.) The girl tells that she loves you, though she has never met you in a real life.

6.) She sends you formal letters or you sometimes receive letters with the same content. That means that she has examples of such letters and sends them to a lot of men.
7.) She often doesn’t answer your questions.

8.) She sometimes call you by the wrong name. It also means that she writes to many men and doesn’ treat you seriously.

9.) She doesn’t ask serious questions in order to learn more about your way of life, tastes and so on.

10.)The girl asks you to send money for learning English, for visa or to help her. It is the main sign of scammers.

Don’t send her money at the beginning of your acquaintance. If you met her in real life and there was real attraction between you, you can send her money for coming or for learning a foreign language. But you run risks all the same.

11.) If you don’t send her money, she loses interest for you.

12.) When you come visit her, she doesn’t want to spend with you as much time as possible.
And the main don’t forget to use your intuition and brains, when you write to a beautiful girl.:)

This article is taken from: Russian life for foreign fiances
View User's Profile E-Mail User User's Site View All Replies By AnnSM (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member
Junior Member

Posts: 22
Registered: 04-18-2009

posted on 05-19-2009 at 20:32 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
avoid being scammed is not so simple

The women don't ask for money no more..That myth is now history and i don't know why it gets brought up all the time.

All scams involve money is correct, i thought that would be obvious. Why else?
Because now the women are being paid ( receive commission) from everything their agency has to offer the unsuspecting punter.
Have you notice that a lot of agencies can help you with apartments..
The women receive a 'cut' if you book a apartment that she has helped you with..FACT.

The real percentage of honest women is about less then 10% while the rest are in it for the money.
Any agency that has pre-written and stored letters on their computer systems to send to the paying men is dishonest and that should be called a scam..

View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By sickofscammers (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member
Senior Member

Posts: 84
Registered: 08-03-2005
Location: Santa Monica, CA.

posted on 05-26-2009 at 23:53 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
percent of scammers

I am not sure why you would think 99% of women are scammers. I know hundreds of men who are married to Russian women in the Phoenix Area. I socialize with many of them. What I have found is the good girls are there but the men always go after the hottest ones in the room and the ones who are aggressive. I have seen girls the are incredible, but guys pass them by because the are not aggressive or dressed like a slut.
Have seen guys go after women they know are not good, but they are just in lust. I think about 10% of the girls are scammers. But the men just think with their dicks. The say love makes you blind, I say lust makes you really stupid. If men would look for women they have thinks in common with and who really enjoy each other company there would be very little problems. But I see men just go for the hottest women the can find or women that are way out of there league. All you have to do is use common sense, don’t try and spoil them and never start sending money to them. If you don’t send them or give them money you cant be scammed. I have been married for 10 years and all my friends are still married. So the conclusion is there are great women in all countries, but you really need to be smart on the way you select and date women.

I suggest any one who is thinking about going to Russian attend one of the seminars or join the weekly phone conference . You can get a lot of great advice from these.
Again you can't get scammed unless you let it happen. And take the advice from the experts. DON’T SEND MONEY. Don’t be another sucker and think you are the exception. if she start asking for money just move on to the next women. That is the best thing about going to other counties, there are plenty of women.
View User's Profile E-Mail User User's Site View All Replies By admin (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member
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