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Travel Tips to Russia to meet Russain Women

Did you know traveling to meet one woman could be the worst thing you do? When you travel you need to try and meet as many women as possible. The success rate for men traveling to meet one woman is less than 5%. Men that make plans to meet a large amount of women during their trip have a greater than 70% success rate, nearly 15 times better. No matter how much you think she is the one, until you meet and see if there is real chemistry, you do not really know. Even if you like her, she may decide you are not the one for her. There are so many factors that can come into play that traveling to meet just one woman is not wise.

Lodging: Make sure you book your trip through a reputable agency! It's never a good idea to let the woman book you an apartment. Women suggest this so they can make a commission and you will end up in a bad location in a run down apartment. Always use a credit card to pay for accommodations.

Water: Never drink the water from the faucet in any country. Every country has unique viruses that you are not used to and you will get sick.

Travel Ducuments: Make a photocopy of your passport to carry with you. If you do not have a passport you can find infomation about passports at: US Passports

Never wear a fanny pack! They are prime targets for thieves.

To save money: find out where the locals eat. You can save 80% on food by finding non-tourist restaurants.

Taxis: Don't take taxis in front of hotels! They charge 5 times more than other taxis. Find out from the hotel staff how much a ride should cost, then offer the driver only that amount. Never get in a cab until you have arranged the price.

Dinning Out: When dating, find out which restaurants are in your budget from locals or your travel company. Then, make a few suggestions to the women. Do not ask her or she may think you are expecting a very upscale place, and you may end up paying $100 per person.

Night Clubs: When in a nightclub, never leave your drink unattended. If you meet a woman always insist you go back to your hotel, never go with someone you just met to her place.

Police: If you are ever stopped by police always insist they call the U.S. Embassy or your government's Embassy if you are not from the U.S. Just repeat this over and over. This will almost always make them leave you alone. Some police late at night target foreigners who are scared and will try to get money from you. You can also keep your wallet empty and then show it to them and say: " I do not have any money." Don't be scared and insist they call your Embassy. This does not happen often but you should be aware of this.

Remember this! There are so many great women in these countries. You do not have to settle for one that does not treat you the way you want to be treated. Success is easy if you date as many women as you can during your trip. For more infomations about russian women please visit: Russian Bride Guide

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