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Author: admin Subject: O'Reilly Factor labels American men abusers
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Registered: 08-03-2005
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posted on 04-10-2006 at 14:18 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
O'Reilly Factor labels American men "abusers"

According to the O'Reiley Factor there is at least a 50 percent chance that if you're an American man looking for love abroad you are an abuser!

Recently the The O'Reilly Factor featured an extremely one sided version of the "Mail Order Bride debate", with another installment soon to come. The only problem is they have forgotten a debate requires two opposing view points, not one subjective, biased, unchallenged viewpoint, which unfortunately is exactly what was presented. Many established companies, such as A Foreign Affair, had E-mailed the show requesting equal time but were denied.

Their are companies in the industry that have been operating for over 10 years and are responsible for bringing together thousands of happy couples, unfortunately not one of those companies, or one of those happy couples were asked to participate. There were also studies conducted by the US Justice Department as well as private studies that concluded that these foreign women were not at a greater risk of spousal abuse, unfortunately these studies were not mentioned.

There is another installment scheduled to run this week featuring a Russian woman and her story of abuse. Abuse is wrong, no matter where it happens, however it is a shame that they will not allow any input from the other side, the thousands upon thousands of happy couples, and the agencies that have helped them. For some reason they feel if any foreign women have been abused that the entire industry is at fault. If that is the case we need to take a hard look at our domestic match making companies, personal ads etc. since we have a more than 50 percent rate of spousal abuse in this country.

Nowhere is there any evidence that these foreign women are at a greater risk of abuse compared to the domestic risk, unfortunately you would never know that from watching the The O'Reilly Factor.

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