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Author: guitaryf Subject: Senator Cantwell
Senior Member

Posts: 84
Registered: 08-03-2005
Location: Santa Monica, CA.

posted on 02-26-2007 at 16:05 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Senator Cantwell

Senator Cantwell,

You should be ashamed for your involvement in falsifying information and your motivations behind the IMBRA legislation you pushed through and last-minute tagged onto the otherwise useful women's protective law. Your law requires innocent and law abiding men to provide sensitive and confidential information to privately owned overseas agencies and it limits the number of relationships men and women can have. Are your constituents aware of the extreme feminist agenda that drove this? The following excerpt from an internet bulletin board is telling:

One interesting note: there is no law preventing foreign men, criminals, or terrorists from communicating with American women

Even the moderate feminists such as Wendy McElroy condemn the law:

What view of the American man does the IMBA broadcast to the world? American men are so predatory and violent that the U.S. government must protect foreign women by providing police checks before allowing the men to say "hello."

“There is no reason to believe that violence against "mail-order brides" is higher than against women in general. No evidence supports the criminalization of every American man who looks overseas for a wife.”

“What I do sympathize with, however, are the privacy rights of people who are considered guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true when a government violates the privacy of its own citizens to benefit foreign individuals. “

Wendy McElroy is the editor of and a research fellow for The Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif. She is the author and editor of many books and articles, including the new book, "Liberty for Women: Freedom and Feminism in the 21st Century" (Ivan R. Dee/Independent Institute, 2002). She lives with her husband in Canada.

Senator, if you represented our state of Michigan, I can assure you that I and many others would expose you for who you are and what you represent. You have now created barriers for thousands of people who attempt to create international relationships, legally and with good intentions. The fact that you have created the legislation to limit these relationships only exposes your true motivations, which must be to limit the numbers of American men from finding truly beautiful, feminine and caring wives with old-fashioned values that left our country's women in the 1960s. Please don't pervert our country's laws with your own jealous agenda -- you are disservicing the taxpayers of your state and the country. Your action is high school age mentality, and as a civil servant you should be ashamed.

Letter from Jordan Rautiola
View User's Profile E-Mail User User's Site View All Replies By admin (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 2
Registered: 04-16-2007

posted on 04-16-2007 at 00:20 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Thanks to senator Cantwell

Dear friends!

The agressive articles about senator Cantwell made me writing this reply.

I am a "mail-order" bride. I had a share my pleasund and unpleasunt experiences of relationships with men but before I came here i didn't realize how nasty men could be toward women. And I am talking about a way an american man was treating me, manipulating my feelings, troughing his anger and frustration with life and american women on me and I couldn't reply back.
What goes around comes around. This man is punished now. I believe in God and I have got protection.
But amny women are coming here and getting abused every single day and they didn't even realize that they have rights here.

I am sure that no one NORMAL and decent man would go looking for teh bride overseas when thre are planty women here in the country, succsessful, educated, beatiful, intellegent and nice.

I am not sure whtehr administrator will place my reply but I am not insulting anyone and just reflect my own opinion and opinion of big community of russian-ukranian women I met there that men's background must be cheked and forigner women at least have to have more protection.

And my last word is to abusers who are planning to bring a woman from overseas:
there is more and more attention to such people and they will not get away easy with horrible things they do. What goes around comes around:-))
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By Lolita (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 2
Registered: 07-20-2007

posted on 07-20-2007 at 06:41 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Living in America

Me!I am a normal man who lives in America. I am an exceptional person. But I hope no one relies on the good Sentor's bill.
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By JacobM (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 1
Registered: 08-02-2007

posted on 08-02-2007 at 17:48 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
That's nonsense...


I am sure that no one NORMAL and decent man would go looking for teh bride overseas when thre are planty women here in the country, succsessful, educated, beatiful, intellegent and nice.

If you really believe that this statement is true, then turn it around and see how you like it. "No normal and decent WOMAN would go looking for a husband overseas". Doesn't that make as much sense?

As a man who is happily married to a Russian woman for more than 7 years, I find your attitude to be biased and argument to be unsupportable. I know a great many Russian-American couples and their marriages seems to be stronger than average American couples. Only one of the couples I know has ended in divorce - not because he was abusive, but because he didn't know how to be a man to his woman.

For every American man that abuses his foreign bride, I can show you ten men who were taken advantage of by foreign women. However, you don't see men asking for protection from the government. In truth, men who marry foreign women tend to earn above average income, are better educated and are more successful in their careers. There have been studies that support this - look them up yourself. When I brought my wife and stepchildren to this country, it cost me in excess of $20,000 and that was just the beginning. The immigration system isn't free and very few Russian woman like to eat at Jack-In-The-Box. Marrying a foreign woman is not something that just anyone can afford. So, I have to ask the question - why would any man spend 20-30 thousand dollars just to bring a woman here to abuse and divorce her? That has got to be the most insane and illogical theory that I have ever heard.

The government has no business getting involved in relationships - foreign or domestic. A relationship between a man and a woman is their own personal business and it should be the responsibility of each person to determine whether the other person is a good and trustworthy individual. If you (or anyone) goes into a relationship with eyes closed and ends up hurt, then who is to blame? If you can't figure out the answer, I'll give you a hint - go find a mirror! There is no need for a law that requires a background check. Besides, 90% of the men who abuse their wives have no criminal history, so what good does the law do other than put these singles-sites out of business.

Why do American men look for foreign brides? I think that the most common reason is they are looking for something better than they have experienced so far. Yes, there are lots of great women here, but we are a nation of 300 million, so they can be hard to find. Also, we have spoiled our woman. So many of them are self-centered, don't care enough about themselves to dress nice or fix their hair when they go out in public, and their idea of entertainment is to out shopping and eat dinner at TGIF. Also, maybe I'm bit of a chauvinist, but American women also seem to end up with a lot of emotional baggage after a divorce and it is typically the next husband who ends up carrying the luggage - but that's just my perspective.

My Russian wife would never step outside the door unless she is dressed tastefully. Her idea of an entertaining evening is to go to a concert, watch a play, read a book and go for long walks. She also forces me to trim my nails, cut my hair regularly, wear decent clothes and she tears into me like a pit bull if I start putting on weight or lay around watching TV. Well, all good things have a price and I wouldn't trade her for the world. My friends who are married to Russian women feel the same way about their wives. A good woman makes a good man better - and visa-versa.
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By MyWifeIsRussian (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 39
Registered: 01-08-2010

posted on 01-25-2010 at 09:38 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
what is NORMAL?

I have to agree with MyWifeIsRussian, I mean it is totally ignorant to say that "any NORMAL man would just find a woman in the US." Obviously there are a ton of reasons why men choose to date internationally. Even though it has its risks, it is like that for both parties involved. If a man doesn't choose a reputable agency he is going to be at risk of getting scammed by some gorgeous young woman. Some companies seem to thrive on making men think they are communicating with a beautiful girl but in reality they are not, and the men end up wasting their money and time.

international dating is NOT something you should avoid though; i myself am seriously considering it because i am just tired of trying to meet women the conventional ways. At first i felt weird about it but then I actually thought about how few women i meet each month compared to the promises some of these foreign dating companies offer. I have read quite a bit about the industry and it seems like, if you go with a legit company, it can really work.

Either way, I think it is wrong to say that men should just settle for whatever is near them. It is up to each person to choose their partner and if a man wants to meet a Russian woman because he thinks they are beautiful, who has the right to say that is not okay?
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By Link_29 (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

Posts: 4
Registered: 08-26-2011

posted on 08-26-2011 at 21:06 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

Great ! I support this post.It is a very good post, I appreciate it
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By guitaryf (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member
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